PN Racing Double A-Arm wide front conversion is finally here!

For me personally this has been one of the most anticipated parts for my Mini-Z.

PN Racings double a-arm has for many years set the standard for the Mini-Z front end.
The MR-03 version has been fantastic since its release. When adjusted properly it has next to zero bump steer, lots of steering and stability.
However, for modified racing on high grip, one thing you need is quite large offset rims to get the car wide enough to keep it on its wheels. 2 - 3 offset is the norm.

Regular version. Offset 2,8mm

Wide conversion. Same total with.

Wider offset wheels gives for many people an advantage in that it gives more scrub. With more scrub, the car will brake for you, and the tires heat up more and faster. Many drivers uses this to their advantage,
For other people it is a disadvantage, as they dont like the scrub effect, and like to control their braking and corner speed in other ways.
Driving style differs from driver to driver, so no answer is more correct than the other.

The MR-03 is a great car with fast steering response. But one thing is not that great, and that is the servo strength and also a weak servo saver.
If you look closely at the fast cars at your track, or check out some videos on youtube etc, you can see a usual problem on many cars. In long sweepers and fast corners you can see lots of cars with double steer, The car starts the corner good, holds the line, and suddenly it understeers for a moment before it grips again. This is either caused by a tire that looses grip in the corner, or in many cases that the servo just gives up.¨
See video for example.

The load on the servo increases a lot with bigger offset wheels wich are necessary on the mod cars, and the problem increases with the grip level.

The wide version of the Double A-arm will help a lot in these cases. We have found the cars to hold the lines much better, and this again yelds faster lap times.

Reduced scrub is for me personally a good thing, and I really like the way the car handles.
You have a good selection of tie rods in the kit so you can adjust toe angles to your liking. Good fitment, great quality and a good price for what you get.

Give it a try! Buy it here


Mini-Z Season 2014/ 2015 is on

Its been a while now since last update.

This season looks to be even more exiting than before. New developments are still coming out, and some stuff that came out last year has started to gain a foothold in our small community.

The Spectrum based Mini-Z electronics from PN are one of the things that really are gaining interest. We will have some cars with Spectrum boards at our track this season, and a writeup will be done as soon as we have some good knowhow on them.
There are still development going on in regards of Spectrum boards, and the future looks nice for all the people needing more speed :)

As far as other new stuff, we are yet to see any of the Atomic and XPower cars around but hopefully we can have a closer look at them in the future.

New Autoscale bodies have turned up, and so far they are showing really good potential. The TRP Renault, the LaFerrari and the new SC430 are really fast at our track so it looks as the mighty R8 have some competition this season.

The Flying Finns, with especially JRP have developed a very nice subchassis for the MR-03 with a different rear suspension and really nice focus on aero details. The chassis is race proven and have shown insane speed. It can be found at Shapeways.

More and more people are converting to brushless, and more will follow. Driving style are a bit different but most racers actually find speed after getting used to it. Version 2 of the popular PN 9500 motor is out, and it is extremely good. Changeable armature, better cooling and better wire.

We hope there will be some interesting prototypes coming in for testing during the season, and if everything goes as we like we will be faster than ever.

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